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Telephone Scam Alert!

Customers have reported receiving automated calls claiming that their accounts or cards have been frozen. The customer is then asked to call or enter personal information including card or account number and PIN to reactivate.

This is a scam! Florida Parishes Bank will never contact you in this manner.
We never call to ask for your PIN, Social Security number or date of birth over the phone, by email, or text. Unless you initiate the call by contacting us at 985-345-BANK (2265), consider any such request a scam.

3 Digits with a Huge Impact

Credit Score BannerYour credit score is a three-digit number that reflects how well or poorly you've been using credit. These three little numbers tell a lender a great deal about you. They affect how much you'll pay for credit.

The calculation is simple: A good score pays off in lower rates for future borrowing; a poor score means you'll pay more for the privilege of borrowing, if you can borrow at all. Obviously, it pays off to keep your credit score high by practicing good money management habits:

Pay bills on time - Use online bill payments or automated transfer to make sure you never miss a due date.

Pay down balances on all your cards - Chip away at all of them, even if you can't pay one or more off entirely. The key is to show steady progress.

Pay down overdue balances first - Creditors will report late payments to credit bureaus, and that will surely ding your score. So if you are not up to date on one or more cards, catch up now.

Here are some things which can tarnish your score:

Missed payments - A missed payment results in a report to the credit bureau, which in turn will result in a diminished score.

Maxed out credit limits - When you charge up to the limit on one or more of your cards, you raise what's called your utilization ratio; your credit score will punish you for this. Say you have four cards, each with a $5,000 limit or a combined credit line of $20,000. Your goal is to maintain a utilization ratio less than about 25%. So, in this example, try not to bump to more than $1,250 on any single card, or $5,000 on all cards combined.

If you're concerned about your credit eligibility, talk to one of our loan officers. Let us help you identify strategies that will keep your borrowing costs low for a lifetime.

Safety Tips for Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Users

ATMPlease carefully observe the following ATM safety tips when using the ATM. If you have additional questions or concerns about the safe use of ATMs after reviewing these tips, please call (985) 345-1880. You may also write to us at FPB, P.O. Box 99, Hammond, LA 70404.

When using an ATM, please observe the following safety tips:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. If you must use an ATM after dark, choose a well-lighted and busy location. At night, take someone with you so you won't be alone.
  2. Have your card and all materials ready before you approach the ATM.
  3. Follow the ATM instructions carefully, especially at unfamiliar ATMs.
  4. Stand directly in front of the ATM to ensure privacy during your transaction.
  5. Don't count your cash at the ATM. Take your cash, card and receipt and leave.
  6. If you become suspicious for any reason while using the machine, either press the "Cancel" button and leave or, in case of emergency, press the red "911" button located on most FPB ATMs.
  7. Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) separate from your ATM card. Don't write it on your card or keep it in your wallet.
  8. Never give any information about your card to strangers or over the phone.
  9. Report all ATM related crimes to local police and your financial institution.
  10. If you are followed after using an ATM, go to a nearby police station or go to a heavily populated, well-lighted area and call the police immediately.
  11. Look for possible fraudulent devices attached to the ATM. If the ATM looks different or appears to have any attachments over the card slot or PIN pad, do not use the ATM. Report this to the institution which owns the ATM.

Ready for e-Statements?

If you've been debating whether or not to receive your statements electronically, consider these benefits:

  • E-Statements are ready as soon as statements are processed. You'll receive an email notification that your e-Statement is ready before the printed statements even hit the mail.
  • There's nothing to get lost in the mail, so you'll be taking steps to protect your identity.
  • Since your statements won't arrive in the mail, there won't be anything to shred. However, you'll still have the option to print your e-Statement on your own printer.
  • You can cancel e-Statements any time if you decide you would rather receive mailed statements.

CheckoutSave Money on ATM Fees

When you can't get to a FPB ATM, did you know you can get cash at most major retailers without paying a network or surcharge fee? When you use your debit card with a PIN to pay for purchases at stores such as Walgreens and Walmart, you can request additional cash back. The total of the purchase plus the cash you received, debit from your account just as any other PIN-based debit card transaction.

Security At Drive-Up ATMs:

  1. At drive-up ATMs, keep your doors locked and your engine running.
  2. Leave enough room between cars to allow for a quick exit should it become necessary.
  3. Before lowering the window to use an ATM, observe the entire surrounding area. If anyone or anything appears to be suspicious, drive away at once.

Direct Deposit It's not just for payroll checks

Direct Deposit BannerWouldn't it be nice to worry about one less thing? Try direct deposit. With direct deposit, you authorize your employer or federal agency to deposit your check direction into your FPB account so you can count on access to funds.

Direct deposit isn't just for payroll checks. If you're receiving Social Security checks or another federal check, consider direct deposit and take the worry out of stolen or misplaced checks or delayed deposits. Visit for more information.